trust (and obey)

/ Why is trust so hard? \

Simply this:

I’m a selfish human.

Everything I do is for me.

But that’s why love is special!

It’s making someone else more important than self.

In order to love you must trust.

But trust is hard.


The funny thing is, I wrote the above post over a month ago. I had been asked to go on a short-term missions trip to Shenyang and Beijing as the team photographer. I wrote it out before everything.

Before I raised all the money to get to China.

Before I knew what (on earth) I would be doing in China.

Before I knew the team I would be working with. I’d never met them before.

Before I let myself become vulnerable to God’s plans.

Yet there I was.

In China.



Eating noodles and duck with chopsticks.



Walking (trying to survive) down a busy Shenyang street to Dunkin’ Donuts…


With team members I fully trusted.


_CSC0975 _CSC0978 _CSC0980

/being adventurous with my food choices\

_CSC1045_CSC1043 _CSC1004

I love the Chinese culture. All of it. Seriously.

_CSC1007 _CSC1049



Before we met the families we would be ministering to, I was sort of freaking out.



/no idea what to expect\


 But watching the local volunteers welcome these precious families with disabled kids, I was a little overwhelmed by happiness._CSC1339_CSC1341

Watching the American team work with them; just loving on the kids…


_CSC1267Going into China, I wasn’t sure how /free\ we could be when talking about faith.

_CSC1631_CSC1607/But God\

(my two favorite words)

provided opportunities for all of us to show them hope and love.

More importantly, we actually told them where it came from. Jesus. _CSC1600_CSC1596 _CSC1259_CSC1104

I am so thankful for this opportunity, many families and volunteers told me how much it meant to them that I and the whole American team came and showed interest in them and their families. Disabled people are quietly shunned by the public and to have young people (American AND Chinese) work so hard for these families really meant a lot to them. 


// part 2 [the team and sightseeing] coming soon \\