a new attitude [CHINA]

towards trust, love, and people.


I love people.


// helping them, serving them, just being a friend //

B U T  it’s  H A R D, and I fail. I fail a lot.

looking back on my time in Shenyang & Beijing with my teammates

I find it nearly impossible to understand how we all got along.


but we did, by G O D ‘ S  G R A C E.


 we talked often about how crazy we were together

we had the “super organized – on top of everything” person


the “girly – cute – sweet” person


the “manly man – muscles-can-do-anything” guys


the outgoing ones


and the ones who didn’t fit into any category


they’re super special too.

But  S I G H T S E E I N G

Beijing with this team was amazing_CSC1007First off, B I K E S are everywhere._CSC1910


Second, P E O P L E are everywhere.

_CSC1954 _CSC1967 _CSC1977

During our (quite extensive) walk about the Forbidden City, I encountered more stares and pointing than I ever have before.


(this isn’t in the Forbidden City, but is an example of a wonderful old woman who gathered up Ellie and myself for one last photo before the retreat ended. I’d like to think that it was because of my winning personality that she loved me. But alas, ’tis probably untrue.)

I’m told that it was because I am a white female with a camera and American accent. More than once I  was asked for a photo by complete strangers…

prepare for architecture

 and lovely old, old beauty in the



_CSC1980 even the ground garnered my attention


this pile of carven stone looks amazing, I guess



BEHOLD THE TURTLE-DRAGON (yes, it needed to be bold and big)

_CSC2041 so many lions! the ball symbolized power and the lion cub represented heritage


detailing was exquisite in some places and regal/powerful in others


the ceilings! I didn’t know where to look half the time; so many sights to see!

_CSC2143_CSC2141_CSC2139_CSC2156That is all.
But I have more, which will come later, hopefully.

But right now, I’m content to remember these beautiful, sweaty, muggy, friendship-building, bonding times where we walked for hours through crowded corridors in hopes of catching a glimpse of history preserved in glass boxes in age-old castle-like palaces and stared silent at trees and rocks surrounding ancient houses of servants and royals. We ate eccentric flavors of ice cream (green tea/mango/lemon, anyone?) and saw professionals roasting whole ducks in stone ovens. We joked about huge signs declaring “PUBLIC TOILETS” and quietly discussed the implications of Tiananmen Square and its infamous events.

By way of excusing my long, long absence: I’m a person, and that means I’m a part of people, and people are inconsistent. Time is consistent. Life is time and time goes on. Life happens. Some times life happens to be busy. Life continues to happen, regardless of my own sentiments.

More later? Sure thing, friends.


4 thoughts on “a new attitude [CHINA]

  1. Ooh, so good to hear from you! 😀
    These are some AMAZING pictures! Super good job! 8D
    And I love how you described everything…those sound (and look!)like some really great friends. 🙂 and by golly that Turtle Dragon is really something else!!! (It definitely deserved the big bold type! )Wowsers!! 😀

    Ah, yeah…Life moves on so fast. It’s hard to make time for blogging, so I don’t blame you a bit! Tho I do enjoy seeing your posts when you have time! 🙂


    • Ahh thank you, Jenny! I’m so happy you’re still around! I appreciate your understanding, I love blogging, but sometimes “real life” takes priority. 😛
      Seriously, turtle-dragons are my favorite animal currently!

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